The motto of ALAN DEKO shops - "The best things for a beautiful life". This phrase very well reflects the basic philosophy of the company - to offer the customers not only simply curtains, blinds, ware or carpets, but also especial things, things "with a highlight" which gives to the house special atmosphere.

Surroundings has significance - we have chosen this action direction – to make surroundings more beautiful. This is a work that gives atonement!

ALAN DEKO is one of the most experienced company in the Latvian market, which since year 1991 is working in interior design area.
Under brand ALAN DEKO we have combined not only shutter, upholstery and furniture manufacturing, but also developed interior goods network of retail business in Latvia and Lithuania.
Our strength – experiencied and loyal staff. We are in constantly searchings for new and actual supply, which could pleasant surprise our customers.

Nothing is still -

Everything is changing.
Everything is in motion.
We are in motion.

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